New way to see hot deals near Sienna, based on your location

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New way to see hot deals near Sienna, based on your location

Postby Rob on Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:34 am

I am going to start using my iPhone to post deals I find when I'm out shopping, and you can see where the bargains are based by how near they are to you.

Say I'm at Target and something's on super sale or clearance. I post it and you see it. You happen to be next door at Home Depot and you swing by and pick up the hamburger that's 99 cents a pound.

Say someone's at another store and they are giving away free ice cream like Gander Mountain was the day before Hurricane Ike. Post it!

Then when you're out and about, you pull out your iPhone or compatible device and see what sort of deals are around you and how close by they are!

Cheap gas? Take a pic of the price and Post it with your location!

Food specials, clearance items, giveaways? Post it!

You need an account at

You can download the Bright kite app for iPhone from the iTunes store.

You can also post using your web browser if you remember to later at home.

Search for 'theroblogdotcom' to add me as a friend on Brightkite.

The rules:

1. ONLY Friend 'theroblogdotcom' for this social network location based shopping activity.
2. Do not use the profile you create for anything else but social shopping and dealfinding with theroblogdotcom. If you want to post pics of your cat or something, use another profile. You could for example use 'yournametheroblog' for this, and 'yourname' for all your other stuff. In this way we keep the dealing pure and on topic. This will only be as good as we make it.
3. The rules are amendable from time to time.

Join now and see the deal on the Asus EEE netbook that was on clearance at Target (and which Target that was!)

This should be fun! :D --Food, Friends, Flying, and Fun! Money saving deals and coupons

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